Cleveland IndiansZach Plesac and Mike Clevinger left the team hotel to go out in Chicago after a game against the White Sox on Aug. 7, violating COVID-19 protocols. The two players were both optioned to the alternative training site.

David Samson sits down on his podcast, "Nothing Personal with David Samson" to discuss what is going on with the team.

"The biggest cluster right now is in Cleveland," Samson says, saying many teams are having trouble right now, but the Indians take the cake.

He explains what this alternative site is, saying,

"Don't misunderstand the verbiage used this year. What you're reading this year is that players are being sent to the alternate site, it sounds very extraterrestrial to me. The alternate site is code word for the minor leagues, even though the minor leagues aren't playing. The alternate site is code word for you are not receiving major league service time. The alternate site is code word for you are off the 28-man roster."

He looked at it further, with questions about why the team decided to exercise that option.

"We had a little bit of math done for us today. And guess what?" Samson asks. "Would it surprise you that they can get an extra year of non arbitration work from Plesac by keeping him down for 18 days? Would it surprise you that having Clevinger down for 20 days would actually keep him from free agency for another year?"

Samson has an idea of why he's seeing these things in Cleveland, saying, "There is no doubt that there is a service time consideration to what they did. And having the players so angry was helpful to management."

He concluded saying, "I am fascinated by what's going on in Cleveland."