Here's a general piece of life advice: don't touch cops. Unless they're trying to help save your life, just keep your hands off them. No pats on the back, nothing. You never know how it could be construed.

Astros first baseman A.J. Reed did the opposite of "don't touch cops" on Saturday. He ran over a female officer while running down a pop-up in foul territory. Check it out:

I guess you could say the officer "served" as entertainment for fans and "protected" Reed from crashing into the wall. No? No. Okay, I'll stop.

The good news for Reed is that it was a Canadian police officer, so she was probably really polite about it. Plus she sort of zig-zagged in his way, so it was kind of her fault.

The important thing is that everyone was okay. Add this one to the blooper reel.