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Calvin Kattar knows what it is like to be on the wrong end of a grueling, one-sided decision. Kattar bounced back from a historic loss to Max Holloway and delivered a thorough whooping on Giga Chikadze at UFC Fight Night this past weekend. 

Chikadze was swept on every judge's scorecard at the UFC Apex, including a 10-8 round. Despite the eye-swelling loss, Chikadze took to social media from his hospital bed and claimed he would beat Kattar nine out of 10 times.

"That's the wrong mindset to come out of that type of fight with," Kattar told CBS Sports. "Pretty sure Max had put me in similar situations last year and that was the last thing on my mind. That sounds more ego-driven and for me, I was just focused on getting back to work. Can't control the last one, whatever about the last one. Shit happens."

Check out the full interview with Calvin Kattar below.

Kattar took 364 days off between his loss to Holloway and win over Chikadze. Kattar, who absorbed 447 strikes in the Holloway fight, said he made the right call taking a meaningful break.

"Definitely the right call. I think a lot of people make the mistake. They let their ego drive them into a return fight a little sooner than maybe they should or have to," Kattar said. "We were just thinking about just taking like the six months suspension that they had done to us with the commission. Usually, you can get those pushed up if you get cleared by doctors. I was working with some doctors and things. Just to make sure all baselines were good, which they were. I was just taking the advice of my coaches. Like I said, I don't have any ego. They thought that it was best suited. I thought it made sense. We gave it six months. And then from there, after that, it was just timing the for the next six months.

"Most of these guys after a bad loss they sometimes make the mistake of just jumping right back. I think it's important to be patient. For us, it really paid dividends in this fight just to take our time and be as ready as possible when that next opportunity presented itself."

Despite a lopsided unanimous decision (50-45, 50-45, 50-44), Kattar said there were things to work on immediately after the fight. Namely, Kattar wants to rely less on his durability.

"I definitely just got to tighten up the defense. The pressure was there. The defense was the offense really in that fight," Kattar said. "The best defense we could have was just pressuring him, smothering his kicks and then keeping something in his face and giving him something to react to. The more he's reacting, the less he's improvising."

Kattar (23-5) received some flack online for failing to call out a next opponent during his post-fight interview with Michael Bisping. For Kattar, there were more important things to discuss.

"Maybe I did waste my time, but you get punched in your head 25 minutes, man. Tell me what the hell you say on a microphone," Kattar said. "My first things were my late best friend Joel had passed away. It was his birthday that day and you got to earn the opportunity to grab that microphone. So first I had to get the job done to have the mic. That was important to me to just wish him a happy birthday. Also, my brother the day before it was his birthday."

As for who is next, Kattar maintains that it does not matter.

"My mindset on that has always been whoever I don't care. I've never turned down one fight," Kattar said. "I never turned a fight. They're all the same to me. They just present different problems. They're all tough... I think the UFC would tell me what my next biggest opportunity is. I'll take it and I'll try to make an example out of them. Show why I deserve that opportunity."