Kevin Durant's decision to leave the Oklahoma City Thunder and join the Golden State Warriors was met with derision from a large number of people. Charles Barkley called Durant a cheater and now Larry Bird is chiming in as well.

From Bird's interview on SiriusXM NBA Radio:

"Well, it's hard, Mark, because when these players get together and go play it just makes them a lot stronger. But that's why we have free agency. If they stay within the rules I have no problem with it and I'm happy for them but you like to be on a team where you can be competitive. I know back in the day I couldn't imagine going to the Lakers and playing with Magic Johnson. I'd rather try to beat him. But, you know, these guys are different and I understand a lot of it and it's within the rules so they can do whatever they do. I can remember years ago we were fighting, when I played, for free agency, you know, pure free agency so there'd be more movement. But I could never imagine myself going and joining another team with great players because I had great players and I was in a great situation."

Bird was an extremely competitive player, even by professional athlete standards. Plus, he especially loved going head-to-head against Magic. Bird is not really criticizing Durant's decision here, though. He clearly knows it a different time, and don't think for a second Bird would've minded Durant heading to Indiana to team up with Paul George.