Close to a year after signing James Harden to a massive $200 million deal, Adidas unveiled the Rockets superstar's signature logo. Harden has been playing in custom Adidas since signing with them, but at some point early next season he will be playing in his own signature shoe with his new logo prominently featured on them.

Harden's new Adidas logo. Adidas

Harden's logo looks like a H but if you look a bit closer, it has some intricate details which all relate to the All-Star. The top of the black part of logo is for his beard and the bottom part is for his hair. It all is pretty straightforward, clean and simple. Which is nothing like the trippy mini-video Adidas created to unveil Harden's logo:

Even with his logo unveiling, Harden remains one of the more unique players from a stylistic standpoint in the league.