President Barack Obama's second term is nearing an end and what he will do after he leaves the Oval Office in January still remains up in the air. He will likely take some time off for some rest and relaxation but according to White House press secretary Josh Earnest, the president has given some serious thought about owning an NBA team.

From The Washington Post's Greg Jaffe:

White House press secretary Josh Earnest added one more possibility to the list: NBA owner.

The proclamation came with a lot of caveats: "potentially, if the opportunity arose, under the right circumstances." Earnest, though, was clear on one point: The president has "discussed" being part of an NBA franchise ownership group.

It is unclear who the president has had these discussions with, but it does at least sound like Obama would like to be part of an NBA ownership group at some point in the future. Obama is a big basketball fan and ardent Chicago Bulls supporter so he would likely be living out another dream of his if he became an owner in an NBA franchise.

If it happens and the team he owns wins a championship, perhaps Obama will make a return trip to the White House and be made fun of by the president. Just like he has done with all of the NBA champions during his eight years in office.

President Obama is all for owning an NBA team. (USATSI)