Johnny Manziel appears to be flying to Cabo in a Josh Gordon jersey

There is nothing subtle about the way Johnny Manziel operates in general. A great example of that? Getting on a plane to Cabo San Lucas, taking tons of selfies with fans and doing it all while wearing a Josh Gordon jersey.

No, really, this is a thing that appears to be actually happening.

That isn't really enough of a picture to confirm it's Johnny, although that DOES certainly appear to be a Browns jersey. If only he would take some pictures with fans.

Or maybe some airline employees.

Or some selfies with quite possibly one of the pilots in what appears to be the airplane's cockpit.

None of this should really be surprising, I suppose. Manziel's offseason has been, well, fraught with all kinds of issues.

This trip to Cabo -- which will probably in no way whatsoever end up with pictures of Manziel partying at a poolside cabana -- is fine on the surface. But taken as a larger part of an offseason where Manziel was involved in a domestic violence incident -- his (former) attorney just accidentally texted the Associated Press about potentially taking a plea deal -- and has spent most of his free time partying and remaining disturbingly skinny and unconcerned about getting back into football.

Manziel is Cabo bound. via Twitter

Could Gordon be with him for this excursion? The two were reportedly considering being roommates at one point and have reportedly partied together at times, so it's not out of the question.

His own father even thinks jail is the best place for him. So, yeah, Cabo it is.

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