Twitter Screen Capture / @KohoHockey

NHL's "Reverse Retro" jerseys are expected to be coming soon, but we may have our first look at the new looks for two teams. An eBay listing showed the potential jersey design for the Pittsburgh Penguins and another look for the Philadelphia Flyers emerged from that seller as well.

While nothing is confirmed, there is a good chance this is what the alternate sweaters will look like.

Here is a first look at the potential Flyers jerseys:

Here is a look at both the potential Penguins and Flyers leaked looks, along with the original colors they'd be reversed from:

The "Reverse Retro" series is a fourth jersey series that will expand throughout the league, and has been described as "throwbacks with a twist."

The jerseys are not expected to be a common substitute in the sweater rotation, but more a specialized look that would debut for hand-picked games. Fans are quickly trying to envision what their favorite team's retro looks could be, drafting up images of their predictions.

Below are some of the best guesses for other team's jerseys:

The "retro" idea also gives into the question of what the Vegas Golden Knights, the newest team in the league, will do for their design. Other teams with a newer franchise may get creative, offering alternate designs or their idea of what "retro" would look like for their organization.