Nashville Predators home playoff games have become a notorious party scene over the last couple of years, and the Tennessee Titans' offensive line has become a fixture at those parties. 

Some key members of that offensive line -- including Taylor Lewan -- returned for Sunday's Game 2 of the Preds' second-round series against the Winnipeg Jets. With Nashville losing Game 1, it seems like the O-line brought a little extra to help the crowd get pumped up.

That "extra" included Lewan using a giant catfish as a makeshift beer luge, which has to be near the top of the list of the grossest ways to drink a beer.

He also channeled his inner Stone Cold with a tall boy of Bud Light.

While Lewan & Co. proved to be tremendously inefficient at drinking beer, they were quite successful at getting the home crowd fired up and ready to go for the game. 

Between these dudes going full frat and Carrie Underwood, who is married to Predators forward Mike Fisher, being tapped for anthem duties, it seems like Nashville wanted to get as much of a home ice advantage as they possible could at Bridgestone Arena on Sunday.

And, for what it's worth, that extra boost worked wonders for the Predators, who were able to score just 27 seconds into the game. 

Eat that, whoever Lewan felt compelled to flip the bird to during pregame!

However, that lead didn't last too long, as the Jets rebounded with two quick goals in the first period. Nashville may have to reach even deeper into its bag of tricks...