The Flying Skate will return to Vancouver in 2019.

The Vancouver Canucks announced Monday that they'll be bringing back the popular Flying Skate jersey as an alternate uniform for the 2019-2020 NHL season. The announcement came following a fan poll asking which throwback jersey the team should bring back for their 50th anniversary season. The three options were the Flying Skate, the Flying V, and the original orca design. 

Over 23,000 votes were cast and the Flying Skate was the overwhelming favorite, taking home 70 percent of the vote.

The jersey was worn by the Canucks during the '90s and is synonymous with some of the franchise's more famous stars -- including Pavel Bure and Trevor Linden. The Canucks wore the sweater when they won the Western Conference and went to the Stanley Cup Final in 1994, ultimately losing to the New York Rangers in seven games.

It feels safe to assume that most of Vancouver will be ecstatic to see these uniforms back on the ice again, even if it's just on a limited basis. (The Canucks haven't announced how many times they're planning on wearing the uniform.) It does seem like a bit of a tease that they made the announcement now and we'll all have to wait over a year to actually see them in action, but they'll be worth the wait.