NHL: New York Islanders at Edmonton Oilers

On Monday, the National Hockey League announced their first round of COVID-19 test results since training camps began on July 13. In a series of tests that were conducted from July 13-17, just two players tested positive for the coronavirus.

In a press release, the NHL revealed that 2,618 tests were conducted to more than 800 players from around the league. Both players that tested positive immediately began isolating themselves and following protocols that were put in place by the CDC and Health Canada.

During Phase 3, players are tested every other day but are checked for fever and COVID-19 symptoms on a daily basis. According to the league's policy, the identity of the players was not revealed. 

If a player is held out from training camp, it doesn't necessarily mean that the particular player tested positive for COVID-19. Many players were regarded as "unfit to play," but didn't test positive for the coronavirus. On several occasions, players can be held out of training camp because they came into contact with someone that tested positive for COVID-19.

In all, there have been 30 positive tests since the league began testing. 

NHL teams are expected to be moving to their respective hub cities of Edmonton and Toronto on July 26. Eastern Conference clubs will report to Toronto while Western Conference clubs will be playing in Edmonton. The Stanley Cup Playoffs are scheduled to begin on Aug. 1, but each team will have one exhibition game before the postseason gets underway.