Video: Mike Tyson kicks off ECHL Finals by sounding the siren

Mike Tyson made his living in fights in Las Vegas and now he makes his living by, well, living in Las Vegas. That would explain this scene before the opening game of the ECHL Kelly Cup Finals.

With the Las Vegas Wranglers playing the Florida Everblades -- who says Sun Belt hockey isn't working? -- Tyson was brought onto the ice for the pregame ceremony of sounding the siren. It is the traditional kind you have to crank, not the ones where you just push a button and the sound goes. That makes for just a bit more awkward moment, so thanks for that, Wranglers.

With a "Wranglers Rule!" Tyson was off.

OK, I'll admit it. I thought with Tyson's grin just as he started to crank the siren that he was making that noise into the microphone a la a ventriloquist. It wasn't until the siren got louder that it hit me. Needless to say, I was disappointed.

I also was afraid Tyson was going to spin the siren so hard it would either make a hole in the ice or take off into the air. Alas ...

But what's not disappointing? That moment when the cranking is done. Talk about uncomfortable. Tyson was looking around basically pleading for help on what to do next, which didn't involve climbing the ropes to cheers of adoring fans.

Instead he exited stage right after a smile and some claps with a bow.

So inspired -- or motivated by fear -- by Tyson, the Wranglers did rule in this game, winning 2-1.

H/t to Las Vegas Wranglers via James Mirtle

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