VIDEO: Zdeno Chara abuses Panthers with spin-o-rama goal

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When Zdeno Chara is being introduced to the Hockey Hall of Fame some day, he might have his new highlight reel lead.

The giant of a Bruins defenseman, who stands 6-foot-9 off skates, showed he has a little bit of finesse in his game, too, with this goal he scored on Sunday vs. the Florida Panthers.

That's quite the pirouette from the big man. It's sort of what you'd expect from a guy his size: wide and kind of slow, but it undoubtedly did its job. It almost makes you wonder if he took some figure skating classes as a kid or something.

Oh, and don't discount the finish. He beat young Panthers goalie Jacob Markstrom on the near post with a backhand shot, top shelf. From start to finish, it was awesome. Is there any doubt he's a special player?

Further, how much better does Jack Edwards make this goal? He's a homer and he even admits it, but you can't say he's not exciting or doesn't add some juice. That's exactly what his job is.

Of course we could certainly ask why Florida had nobody on that side of the ice, allowing Chara all that free room, but it's Florida. We kind of expect that at this point from the Panthers.

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