They often say that puck luck can be the difference in a hockey game, and it couldn't have been clearer that the Bruins had it against the Blue Jackets on Tuesday night.

During the first period of the contest in Columbus, Boston managed to score on one of the flukiest goals that you may ever see. Jake DeBrusk had his shot attempt deflected by a Columbus defender's stick, sending the puck soaring up in the air towards the CBJ net. 

As the puck came tumbling back toward the ice, it bounced off the back of the net and landed on the shoulder of Jackets goaltender Sergei Bobrovsky before sliding into the back of the net. An insanely lucky goal for DeBrusk.

Even if the Bruins didn't call "bank" on the play, the play was made possible by a strong effort in the offensive zone that allowed DeBrusk's line to maintain possession and create the chance that somehow ended up across the goal line. 

As a goalie, there's not really much you can do in a situation like that. Sometimes, stuff happens and you just have to concede that luck may not be on your side that night. All you can do is bounce back and work to overcome the misfortune. 

Unfortunately for Bobrovsky, the night didn't exactly get much better as the Blue Jackets fell 6-3 to the Bruins.