Video assistant referee (VAR) has made its first major impact in a World Cup match. In the fifth match of the tournament, we saw our first use of VAR as France took on Australia to open Saturday's slate. Antoine Griezmann was taken down in the box early in the second half, and the referee did not award a penalty kick, but he got an alert from the VAR officials, went and checked the replay, and a penalty eventually was given. It's the first time the video review has been used in a World Cup match.

Here's the ref giving the penalty kick, a replay of the foul and the goal from Griezmann: 

Thankfully, it was quick and didn't delay the game much at all. The officials worked hard and quickly to try to make the correct call, and as a result, fans were treated to a piece of World Cup history. 

Many thought we would have seen VAR in Spain vs. Portugal after an early penalty kick was given when Cristiano Ronaldo went down in the box after a challenge from Nacho, but we just had to wait till the following day.

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