FC Seville - AS Rome
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Two teams remain in the UEFA Europa League, and they'll meet in the final on Friday as Inter Milan take on Sevilla. Inter were one of the favorites to win the competition after entering in the round of 32 following their elimination from the UEFA Champions League. Don't discount Sevilla, who are five-time champions and not afraid of playing the big dogs, proving so in their semifinal win over Manchester United.

But how did each team get here, how do they line up, who should you keep an eye on, and who has the edge? Let's have a look. 

How they got here

With Europa League play picking back up in August, Sevilla beat Roma (3-0), Wolverhampton (1-0) and Manchester United (2-1) to make the final. Meanwhile, Inter Milan beat Getafe (2-0), Bayer Leverkusen (2-1) and Shakhtar Donetsk (5-0). 

Tactical breakdown

Inter like to line up in a 3-5-2 with wing backs, meaning their back line can shift from three to five at any moment. That wing back formation gives them a ton of width, and they love playing crosses into the box. The stars of the team are strikers Romelu Lukaku and Lautaro Martinez, who combined for over 50 goals this season. They both scored twice in the semifinal win over Shakhtar. 

Sevilla are a side that typically use a 4-3-3 formation and are more compact in the middle. They do get wide in attack with fullbacks in Jesus Navas and Sergio Reguilon who love to get forward, allowing their attackers to stay more centrally. They use quick passes and their speed to create havoc in attack, while also possessing creativity in the middle in Ever Banega. 

Player to watch

For Sevilla, it's probably Banega. This will be his last match for the club, and he's the engine in the middle. He not the player he once was, but his ability to shield off defenders buys him time to ping clever balls forward. 

Inter's is Lukaku because of his scoring threat. His first touch may be questionable at times, but he can score in a variety of ways and matches up well with the physical backline of Sevilla. 

Who has the edge?

Goalkeeper: Sevilla's goalkeeper, Bono, is a fantastic, underrated shot-stopper. He saved some many golden chances against Manchester United, but Samir Handanovic of Inter is a star. He's experienced as he approaches 300 matches with the Italian side and will be as motivated as ever to win his first major trophy. He's just so sturdy in goal. Edge: Inter Milan

Defense: Both clubs have strong defenses, and while Sevilla are quicker and younger, Inter are more experienced. In a major final, give me experience with Diego Godin leading the way. Edge: Inter Milan

Midfield: They're so different, but both have some ballers who can take over a game. Don't discount the lesser known names in the middle of the park for Sevilla. Joan Jordan is a fantastic player who is only getting better, while Inter have Christian Eriksen off the bench. Edge: Tie

Forwards: This is the easiest one. One of these teams has Lautaro and Lukaku, and the other doesn't. Lucas Ocampos is a fine player who has made a name for himself, but the combo of speed and size of Inter's attack is just so superb. Edge: Inter Milan

Manager: Antonio Conte is the more experienced and successful manager, but Julen Lopetegui has fit in so well at Sevilla. While Conte has a loaded team, Lopetegui has done more with less, making this quite even. Edge: Tie.