Duke's Zion Williamson throws down thunderous dunk for couple's gender-reveal video

When Zion Williamson throws down a dunk, you feel it. Duke's one-and-done sensation brings a blend of power and finesse that might lift you out of your couch, or elicit an oooh or ahh.

For one couple, the word that comes to mind is a blend of ahhhh! and awww.

That's because Williamson, the soon-to-be No. 1 overall pick, threw down a special dunk for a couple this week not with a basketball, but with an exploding mini-ball that inside held the gender of the expecting couple. As soon as he flushed it past the rim, it combusted. Spoiler alert: It's a boy!

This might be the last major dunk we'll see from Williamson until he's showing off his skills at the NBA Draft combine later this summer -- you know, unless he randomly pops up again at the Duke rec center to smash a flimsy backboard -- so it's cool to see him make it count before he transitions from Duke student to full-blown NBA star.

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