Is Zion Williamson back on the court already? Just days after Duke's season ended in a loss to Michigan State in the Elite Eight, a grainy video was posted on Slam's Twitter account of a vicious dunk thrown down at a local gym. But what makes it interesting is the dunker was said to be none other than Williamson. If it was him, he appears not to be wasting no time away from the court.

See for yourself as video shows someone said to be Williamson throwing an alley-oop to himself -- off the glass --  from the free-throw line, flushing it down with two hands, and rocking the backboard so hard it recoiled. The video cuts off after five seconds, but could be another highlight adding to Williamson's legacy.

Imagine showing up at your school's gym to try and get a quick hoops session in, only to be interrupted by college basketball's most athletically gifted superstar deciding he wants to put on a show.

Williamson has said ever since his Feb. 20 injury against North Carolina that he had no plans to shut it down and prepare for the draft, and apparently that same attitude is being taken into the offseason. That's good for him, but bad for rec center backboards in the Durham area.