After a down-to-the-wire game Saturday against North Carolina, Kentucky coach John Calipari rolled into his postgame press conference with his tie removed and top two buttons on his shirt undone.

Adam Lucas, a columnist for UNC's official web site, took notice, and used it in a column when comparing the two programs as a shot toward Calipari:

You can hate the game because the opponent was Kentucky and being in the same building with them reminds you of exactly how differently things work in Lexington. John Calipari arrived at his postgame press conference with his tie off, top two buttons on his shirt unbuttoned, and having changed into blue jeans. There are not two top-level programs in America right now that arrive at the end result off the court more differently than Carolina and Kentucky.

So naturally in Tuesday's meeting with the media, Calipari took it to another level. He strolled into his presser and claimed ignorance on the topic.

Wearing this.

"Was that a story? Was that a story really?" Calipari said when asked about the column that mentioned his attire after Saturday's game. "I was getting ready for a nine-hour plane flight, did they expect me to go in a suit? The suit is $1,500. I'm not going to wrinkle that up."

Do we really think this is the first he heard of it? Absolutely not.

Does this type of trolling from Calipari deserve a standing ovation? Absolutely.

Lesson learned: Do not take a shot at John Calipari. He will get in the last word.