In a statement released Friday afternoon, the Mountain West announced that James Webb III's last-second shot in the first overtime of Boise State's 97-93 loss Wednesday to Colorado State "should have counted."

However, due to NCAA rules, the result of the game cannot be changed. 

With the game tied at 84 and 0.8 seconds left, Webb received an inbounds pass from Anthony Drmic and seemed to get a shot off before time expired. Here is a video of the incident that seems to make it relatively clear. 

However, the officials went over to the monitor and determined that the clock had started incorrectly and the shot really took around 1.3 seconds to get off. Boise State coach Leon Rice was left quite confused about the ruling after the game. 

"I've never seen anything like it, I don't think we can just make up timing rules,” Rice said after the game, via the Coloradoan. “Hopefully the [Mountain West] conference can explain it to me, because I guess I'm ignorant to what you can do and what you can't do. They don't hand time things in the Olympics anymore."

Well, ask and you shall receive, Coach Rice. 

"After further extensive analysis in conjunction with DVSport over the past 24 hours, the Mountain West has determined there was in fact a confirmed discrepancy between the rate at which the embedded digital stopwatch advanced and the rate at which the game clock regressed during the instant replay review," the Mountain West said. "The game officials correctly administered the play and, based upon the available video evidence and timing data at their disposal, made the correct decision to disallow the basket.  However, they were unknowingly viewing video not delivered at full speed from the production truck."

The conference continued by stating that "the embedded stopwatch outpaced the video and led to a false reading" and that therefore "outcome of this subsequent review determined the Boise State player most likely released the shot just prior to the 0.8 second threshold and thus the shot should have counted."

Due to NCAA's Rule 5, Section 5, the result of the game cannot be changed. This explanation -- coming at the typical time of the week when organizations release less-than-ideal news, Friday afternoon -- will likely provide no solace to the Broncos, who fell to 16-9 on the season and 7-5 in the Mountain West. 

This potential buzzer-beater was waved off because of a stopwatch review. (Twitter/Matt L. Stephens)