Few results from the past week were the type that should have a big impact on college basketball rankings. So it's slim pickings for this week's Poll Attacks column.

I admit that up front.

But here's something ...

Associated Press Poll: Florida State is off to a 12-1 start. Minnesota is too. So if I'm Leonard Hamilton and/or Richard Pitino, I'm feeling good about things.

But which 12-1 start is better?

I think it's Florida State's because the Seminoles have A) a top-15 KenPom win that Minnesota doesn't possess, B) three top-70 KenPom wins compared to Minnesota's two, and C) a 75-67 victory over Minnesota. Beyond that, FSU is 21 spots better than Minnesota at KenPom and 14 spots better in the Sagarin ratings. So let's say you had one empty spot on your ballot this week, and you had to slot somebody 25th, and Florida State and Minnesota were both on the table. Wouldn't you have to go with Florida State over Minnesota for all of the reasons listed?

I think so.

But Scott Wolf disagrees.

He went with Minnesota over Florida State on his ballot even though FSU has a better resume, better computer numbers and a head-to-head victory over Minnesota. I won't pretend to be appalled because I'm not. But if the point of this column is to highlight something that runs counter to how every single thing that matters suggests it should be, well, this absolutely qualifies. So mission accomplished.

Coaches poll: One of my favorite things about the Poll Attacks is how it makes voters correct silly ballots. Not all voters, of course. But definitely some. And this week's proof comes in the form of Michigan State getting zero votes in the coaches poll.

Michigan State was 25th on a coach's ballot last Monday.

I explained how that made no sense in last week's Poll Attacks. Then Michigan State went out and beat Oakland 77-65 and called it a week. In other words, the Spartans went 1-0 last week -- meaning if you liked them last Monday, there's no reason to not like them now. But Michigan State didn't show up on any coach's ballot this week. And I'd like to think it's because the coach in question read the Poll Attacks and said to himself, "Oh no. GP is right. I can't do that again. Why am I so stupid?"

I can't promise that's what happened.

But I hope that's what happened.