Villanova's Donte DiVincenzo had an awakening on Monday night. The rising star, in merely two halves, came off the bench and thrust himself into the national spotlight, as his career-high 31 point night fueled the Wildcats to their second national championship in three seasons.

Off the court, however, DiVincenzo had a separate awakening. A Twitter account attributed to him was deleted shortly following Monday night's title game after crude tweets dating back to 2011 -- when he was in high school -- re-surfaced and went viral on the popular social media website.

Among the tweets that drew scrutiny included several derogatory terms, some of which were used within the context of rap songs. After they were discovered, Villanova sent a tweet -- which was deleted shortly after its posting -- explaining that the tweets on DiVincenzo's account came as a result of a hack.

"None of the statements attributed to Donte are his -- he has not used the account for months," the school said in a statement. "The account has been deactivated. Please disregard any of these false tweets."

DiVincenzo's account activity before its deletion was dormant dating back to June 2016. It had more than 17,000 tweets and was very active during his high schools years, which included tweets using the N-word and derogatory terms used for gay people.

He said after the game that the account was his, but he did not recall using the derogatory words in the tweets.

DiVincenzo was named to the All-Tournament team after his breakout performance on the hardwood against Michigan. He was also named the Most Outstanding Player of the Final Four for his role in leading Villanova to a convincing 79-62 victory over the Wolverines.