Army v Penn State
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An offensive lineman for Army nearly knocked out one of his coaches Saturday when he decided to give a celebratory headbutt, forgetting his coach was not wearing a helmet. This happened during Army's 24-10 loss against Cincinnati.

As senior lineman Mike Johnson was walking over to the sideline, fullbacks coach Mike Viti walked towards Johnson and tried to give him a hug in celebration after the Black Knights got a first down. Johnson misread the situation and, for some reason, thought his coach wanted to celebrate with a clash of heads, as players sometimes do on the field. What resulted was Viti getting knocked back and losing his balance before another staff member and a player helped him stay upright.

Viti used to be a fullback for the Black Knights and is a 2008 West Point alum, but it's hard to imagine how any of the experience could have possibly prepared him for that kind of hit to the head. At the time of this incident, Army was a mere three points behind their opponents. Afterwards, the Bearcats went on a 14-3 run.

We're not here to say that a potential concussion Army's fullbacks coach suffered may have cost the Black Knights the game on Saturday, but we're also not not saying it.