The head football coach at Bernstein High School in Hollywood, California, was fired from his position following an investigation into allegations that two students spiked the team's water with male enhancement drugs, according to a report from the L.A. Times.  

The incident reportedly happened during a July 12 practice at Bernstein, during which players allegedly ingested water that was contaminated with male enhancement drugs. The incident went unreported by varsity football coach Luis Barajas, who failed to notify school officials or parents.

After being tipped off about the incident, investigators also discovered that Barajas had committed a number of other violations -- including failure to secure a practice permit, insufficiently vetting an assistant coach and allowing players to practice before they received academic eligibility. 

Barajas was dismissed in early August, but the water incident was not disclosed until it became public record months later. 

"No parent complaints were received at Bernstein, school police [were] not involved, no testing of the alleged contaminated water took place and there [were] no student illness reports," according to a statement by the general counsel's office for Los Angeles Unified School District.

District spokeswoman Barbara A. Jones said in an email on Tuesday that parents were not notified because the district "did not find evidence that any student actually drank the contaminated water."

It remains unknown if the practice water was tainted -- and, if so, how significantly -- because the water was discarded before investigators had a chance to look into the incident. 

It also remains unclear exactly what effect, if any, the male enhancement drugs would have had on the football team, but it reportedly could produce a change in blood pressure for students.