PHOTO: Alabama fans kicking Oregon while its down

    Alabama fans know how to twist the knife (USATSI)    
Alabama fans know how to twist the knife. (USATSI)

See, now that's a sign I can appreciate. Sure, Alabama is about to play against a very good LSU team on Saturday night, and could easily lose. And, ok, it's possible that Oregon could still get to Pasadena, even if it's "just" to play in the Rose Bowl.

But I don't care, that's just good trolling. Oregon fans were being a bit cocky this season, and the best way to handle a cocky fan base is to kick it while it's down.

Unless it's Alabama. If it's Alabama it doesn't matter, because we all know that even if Alabama loses to LSU tonight -- or to Auburn, or in the SEC Championship -- it'll still be playing for a national title. And then Alabama fans can make a sign mocking the fans of the undefeated team it kept out of the national title game.

It's the circle of college football life.

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