College Basketball 2018 ACC Tournament

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Williamson would be the second-heaviest player in the NBA, but is still doing freakish things despite his frame
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Tre Mann established himself as one of the top point guards in the 2019 class this summer, and North Carolina is on the rise in his Crystal Ball.
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Kareem Queeley shined at the FIBA u18's last week and the potential high major prospect is considering college.
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RJ Barrett says the upperclassmen are helping the youngsters on the team along
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Coach K is excited to be in Canada and hopes the trip can help his young team gel early
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Class of 2019 forward Josh Green is the No. 11 overall player in the 2019 class.
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The senior guard averaged 11.4 points per game and shot 40.2 percent from three-point range last season.
| 1534174658
Redshirt sophomore Khadim Sy has left Virginia Tech
| 1534166340
Blue Devils set to start their 2018-19 season with a three-game exhibition in Canada
Individual Leaders
1. M. Bagley III DUKE21.0
2. J. Robinson BC20.7
3. T. Battle CUSE19.2
4. J. Okogie GATECH18.2
5. K. Bowman BC17.6
1. M. Johnson NCST7.3
2. T. Duval DUKE5.6
3. J. Robinson VATECH5.6
4. M. Farrell ND5.5
5. T. Pinson UNC5.1
1. M. Bagley III DUKE11.1
2. L. Maye UNC10.1
3. D. Moore WAKE9.4
4. W. Carter Jr. DUKE9.1
5. O. Brissett CUSE8.8
1. D. Moore WAKE68.9
2. M. Bagley III DUKE61.4
3. M. Geben ND60.6
4. D. Huell MIAMI57.6
5. C. Clarke VATECH57.4
Team Leaders
1. Duke84.4
2. North Carolina81.6
3. NC State81.3
4. Florida State80.2
5. Virginia Tech79.8
1. North Carolina45.8
2. Duke43.8
3. Syracuse41.0
4. Florida State40.7
5. Boston College39.7
TeamConf. W-LTot. W-LRPI Rank
N. Carolina11-726-114
Miami (Fla.)11-722-1028
NC State11-721-1264
Va. Tech10-821-1262
Florida St.9-923-1254
Notre Dame8-1021-1570
Boston College7-1119-1695
Georgia Tech6-1213-19160
Wake Forest4-1411-20158