It's late in the holiday season, but this list of golf goodies is great for either a last-minute present for the one you love or a fantastic way to spend some of your Christmas money or gift cards. We have a lot to get to this time around, so let's dive into the toys.

Bridgestone e6 Series: Bridgestone says this ball "provides optimal performance for 80 percent of amateur golfers." I can confirm. I've become a big fan of Bridgestone balls (I promise, not just because Tiger Woods is playing them). They are different from Titleists and TaylorMades (obviously), but I find myself reaching for them pretty often when I need to reload. Bridgestone Golf | $29

Brad Kaye

TaylorMade Black Spider Putter: I thought I would like this putter as I've been using a TaylorMade putter for five years now, and I did. I love heavy putters, and that's what this one is made to be. I also love the color. I was never a big fan of the red one, but this version is outstanding, and anything that supports Dustin Johnson making more videos like this one, I'm all in on. TaylorMade Golf | $300 

Oakley Frogskins Lite: I'm all in on Oakley as well. I love their glasses, love their style and love this specific pair of Frogskins. My wife normally hates the sunglasses I wear, but even she had to admit that these were a pretty spectacular pair of shades (at a good price, too!). Oakley | $110 


The 1997 Masters: My Story: I figured this book would be slightly sterile, and it was, but that doesn't mean it wasn't also awesome. To hear Woods look back on maybe the most important week of his life and remember the shots and the moments is always going to be a spectacular read for as long as he is (and we are) alive. Barnes and Noble | $19 


"A Life Well Played: My Stories:" Arnold Palmer's death was a marker in the golf world, and this book looks back on his spectacular life. It was an existence filled with innumerable highs (as well as a few lows) that may have been the most important bridge from golf's past to its future of any life ever. A great read. Amazon | $15 


Arccos 360: In a sports world where data reins, the Arccos 360 is king when it comes to tracking your own shots easily. The design and functionality is so good you more or less forget it's there, and the feedback you get from the tracer and data is invaluable for helping any golfer. Arccos Golf | $250 


Wilson Duo Soft Matte Golf Balls: You know why I like these balls? Because they're fun. I also like them because my kids love them and can't stop playing with them. Anything that gets my kids more interested in the game of golf is a great thing, and nice, colorful golf balls is definitely a gateway. Wilson | $20 


Coast Fireside Fleece Vest: I'm in need of more vests in my life, and this one is solid. It's flexible enough as to not inhibit your swing but well-made enough to keep you warm and protected from the elements. You can also rock it off the course. Coast | $80 


ECCO Men's Golf S-Drive: These light, fun golf kicks are great for a round but also just for walking around the house. I found myself wanting to put them on when I was off the course, but they're built for playing 18 or 36 a day as well. I'm fully subscribed to ECCO. ECCO | $160 


Navigator Golf Putting Aid: This fun little gift is one of the cheaper buys on my list, but it also might be the most helpful. The aid easily snaps to your putter and gives you a better idea of just which way you're pointing (a lot of times for me, it wasn't at the cup!) A great gift for the person in your life trying to improve his or her game. Sports Unlimited | $50 


Braun Series 9: You know tho has no time? Golfers, golf media and golf fans who are traveling and working from week to week. That's what makes this cordless shaver so handy and attractive. The fact that it also offers a great shave is a bonus. Amazon | $290 


Bushnell Tour v4: My son recently broke my Bushnell, and I've been lost without it. The price seems hefty before you buy it, I'm sure, but then once you have one, you realize there's no price you wouldn't pay to have gotten it. A must have every Christmas. Dick's | $350 


UA Infrared Fleece 1/4 Zip: I think my friends think I'm sponsored by Under Armour, which I'm fine with. This recent find is a gem and can be worn both on and off the course. It's light enough for the heat and warm enough for the cold. Jordan Spieth-approved. UA | $52