Be careful what you tweet. Michael Nutt, an assistant golf professional at the Kananaskis Country golf course in Alberta, Canada, fired this off before Tiger Woods started his final round at the 2019 Masters.

As Tiger cruised toward his fifth Masters victory, Nutt followed that up throughout the day with a few other tweets, too.

And being the upstanding man and golf pro that he is, Nutt felt he had to follow through on the promise. So this week he got a tattoo of Woods' iconic finish at Augusta National. While the rest of the world chimed in or watched in awe, Nutt took notice of what Woods was doing on the 18th because he knew it would eventually have to go on his body.

He picked his left calf for the artwork, and I have to say as far as historic 15th major championship depictions go, I haven't seen anything worse.

Now I'm rooting for Tiger to win them all this year so we get Nutt with one major championship celebration on each of his limbs: Bethpage on the other leg, Pebble on his left arm and Portrush on his right one. The Tiger Slam, the grand slam, the Nutt Slam.