Remember when Bubba Watson used different-colored golf balls during the 2016-17 PGA Tour season? Well, that seems tame compared to what Wesley Bryan is going to do at this week's Phoenix Open. Bryan and Callaway have partnered with another of Bryan's sponsors, Taco Bell, to create a Chrome Soft Taco Bell Truvis ball that is pretty amazing.

To my knowledge, nobody has used the Truvis ball in a PGA Tour event, and this one will have the Taco Bell logo on it. Bryan will hand them out on the 16th hole where it has become tradition for different golfers to hand out products they are using.

It won't be the only piece of Taco Bell equipment Bryan uses in Phoenix, either. He's been rocking that Taco Bell belt buckle since last year, and now he'll have a golf ball to match. So will several other fans on the 16th hole after it's all said and done. Bryan is starting things off by giving away some balls on Twitter Wednesday evening.