Everyone loves a creative home run celebration. On Saturday, the Atlanta Braves and third baseman Josh Donaldson -- who presumably took notes all the times he saw Edwin Encarnacion strut around with his parrot in Toronto -- revealed a new one likely to draw favorable reviews. 

As many know, Donaldson's nickname is the "Bringer of Rain" -- a nod to his tendency to hit towering dingers. Naturally, then, a Donaldson celebration had to include simulated rain and an umbrella. Take a look:

For those unwilling to click play, Donaldson was handed an umbrella after he returned to the dugout. He then continued his trot as his teammates made it "rain."

Donaldson, by the way, claims he isn't the brains behind the celebration. Rather, he credits his teammates -- namely pitchers Mike Foltynewicz and Luke Jackson -- for the idea:

For those keeping track, Donaldson is up to 33 umbrellas on the season to go with his 128 OPS+ and .378 on-base percentage. His career-high for home runs in a season is 41, and while it seems unlikely he gets there, he's certainly proven to be a smart free-agent signing. 

The Braves, who have maintained a 5 1/2 game lead in the National League East, will attempt to win their fourth consecutive game on Sunday.