Shortstop Carlos Correa is expected to be in the Houston Astros lineup on Saturday when they take on the Boston Red Sox to begin the American League Championship Series.

Don't confuse Correa's presence for him being in perfect health, however. Per the Associated Press, Correa's back continues to bother him -- to the extent that walking is painful at times:

Houston Astros shortstop Carlos Correa says he is in pain: Every swing and miss hurts his aching back, and on the bad days it can even be uncomfortable to walk.

Anyone familiar with Correa's numbers this season already suspected as much.

Correa hit .239/.323/.405 with 15 home runs in 402 regular-season at-bats. Those figures resulted in a 102 OPS+, the worst mark of his big-league career. (Previously, his low was 124.) In the Division Series against the Cleveland Indians, he went 1 for 10 with three walks.

It's worth noting Correa had an .832 OPS before going on the disabled list in late June due to a sore back. Originally, the Astros hoped he'd return after 10 days. That did not happen, with him instead missing a month and a half. Upon returning in August, he hit .180/.261/.256 in 153 plate appearances. He also recorded just six extra-base hits over the stretch, with two of those being home runs.

Correa will presumably continue to play through the remainder of the postseason with an eye on then using the winter to recover completely.