The 2020 Major League Baseball season is less than four weeks away. It's coming fast, isn't it? Some baseball fans might be curious if the coronavirus will affect the baseball season and -- at least for now -- the answer is no. 

CBS News has a updates about the virus, which has affected various sports globally and in the United States.

As for Major League Baseball, there are currently no plans to cancel or postpone either spring training or regular season games, per a memo obtained by ESPN. Commissioner Rob Manfred and the league have established an "internal task force" to deal with possible "complications" caused by the virus in the coming months, per the report. MLB also sent a memo to front offices, telling teams to follow these protocols: 

  • Players avoid taking balls and pens directly from fans to sign autographs -- a suggestion that will be fleshed out in training materials the league intends to send to teams -- and opt against handshakes.

  • Teams open lines of communication with the local public-health authority.

  • Front offices consult a local infectious-disease specialist who can serve as a conduit to health officials.

  • Medical personnel ensure all players have received the 2019-20 flu vaccine and are up to date on other vaccinations.

Further, the memo stresses that the league does not recommend traveling to countries labeled by the CDC as a Level-2 or Level-3 travel warning, such as South Korea, Iran and Italy. 

There have been cases of coronavirus in Florida, where half the MLB teams hold spring training and there has been a "presumptive positive" in Maricopa County, Arizona, where the other 15 teams hold camp.