The rival San Francisco Giants and Los Angeles Dodgers are wrapping up their three-game series (GameTracker) Wednesday by the Bay. The Giants won the first two games and have won five straight games overall.

Things got a little testy in the third inning, as Johnny Cueto and Yasmani Grandal had words after a fly out. Grandal doubled in two runs earlier in the game, and it seems Cueto might have thought Grandal was stealing signs later in that inning. Grandal was at second base after the double when Cueto turned around and said something to him.

Cueto threw an up and in pitch at Grandal in the third inning, perhaps in response to the potentially alleged sign stealing. The pitch actually went to the backstop, allowing a run to score. But because the pitch was up high, Grandal was not happy, and the two had words. Here's video of the bench-clearing incident, but here's really all you need to know:

Benches cleared between the Dodgers and Giants on Wednesday. Sports

Yup. The benches cleared, but the players didn't get within 10 yards of each other. The dugouts emptied, everyone stood around for a few seconds and that was it. It was over. Clayton Kershaw didn't even bother with the bases clearing stuff. He went out to the mount to begin his warmup pitches.

Most bench-clearing encounters are a whole bunch of nothing. The players end up standing around and yelling at each other, and that's about it. But I can't remember the last time I saw two teams not even get close to each other like the Dodgers and Giants did Wednesday. It's like everyone agreed it was a bad idea as soon as they got out of the dugout.