Lelands.com is running its summer catalog auction and there's a rare Babe Ruth photo included. The auction runs through June 17 at 9 p.m. ET. As of this posting, the current bid is just shy of $2,000.

Oh, wait, what is the picture of? Well ...

Look at the Babe in all his glory. Lelands.com

Gasp! The picture in question is called "Bat Penis" and it features Babe Ruth to say the least. From Lelands:

The image was obtained directly from the [teammate Ed] Wells Estate several years back, and is an interesting reference to the prodigious size of Ruth's member which remains a part of the Bambino's legend.

How dare these modern ballplayers continue to disrespect the game and be such poor role models for children. Players back in the day would have never perpetrated such nonsense. I am appalled that these players wouldn't take their job as role models for our children more seriously. If they don't think of the kids, who will? Pathetic.

Hahahahahaha. Well that was fun and wholly sarcastic (we'll call the italics there the "sarcasm font"). I think the above Babe Ruth picture pretty well exemplifies how much a certain segment of the population enjoys revising history when complaining about the current crop of players and how they don't "respect the game" like past generations. I will never understand why people have to make themselves feel better by saying it, but it's as much a tradition as baseball players doing immature things, so c'est la vie.

Anyway, let your childish side (I'll admit I chuckled) take over and go bid on that Babe Ruth photo (or at least read the title and information as you won't see "penis" used earnestly like this very often when talking about matters relating to baseball).