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For weeks we've been seeing incentive programs when it comes to getting a COVID-19 vaccine, such as free beer or free donuts. Major League Baseball announced Friday it is getting into the action. The bold print is a free ticket to an MLB game! 

The most pertinent details, from the official press release: 

As the nation continues to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic and communities work to increase vaccination rates, Major League Baseball announced today that it will work with its 30 Clubs to offer incentives to unvaccinated fans through a new program called "MLB Vaccinate At The Plate," taking place throughout June 2021.

Each of the 30 MLB Clubs will host at least one event in June where unvaccinated fans will be able to receive a free ticket to a game if they get a COVID-19 vaccination shot at the event. MLB Clubs will have the flexibility to construct the giveaway to their own specifications including where the event is hosted, when in June it takes place, and if the tickets are good for that day's game or a game later in the 2021 season.

MLB Clubs will work with a local healthcare provider or a national pharmacy provider to administer the shots and provide the necessary on-site health and safety precautions. Fans can find more information about the program and each Club's events at The web site will continue to be updated as Clubs finalize their plans throughout the month.

It appears that each team will work with the local groups that have already been administering the vaccines and then come up with promotions as they see fit. Not all teams will be exactly the same, so those interested should monitor the website of their local and/or favorite team(s). The best guess is it will take some time before it's implemented while the teams work through this, but ultimately there will be some free tickets on the table for those who have yet to be vaccinated but are willing and able to do so in the near future.