Manny Machado's Phillies visit began with a Philly electrician telling him to 'get the money'

One of baseball's generational talents brought his free agency tour to Philadelphia on Thursday, with potentially hundreds of millions of dollars waiting for him at Citizens Bank Park. It was only natural, then, that as Manny Machado exited his chauffeured vehicle and took his first steps toward the awaiting giddiness of Philles general manager Matt Klentak, he received his first greeting from ... a hollering Philly construction worker.

In a move so ridiculously exemplary of Philadelphia that it could easily have been scripted, a mustached and uniformed union electrician who just happened to be on a lunch break apparently figured out that Machado was pulling up for a visit across the street from his job site. Then he proceeded to explain, in raised voice, why Machado should not leave without signing with the Phils.

"Super Bowl champs!" he yelled to Machado as the former Baltimore Orioles and Los Angeles Dodgers star followed his posse to the stadium. "World Series here! Do the right thing and sign. Get the money!"

Precious video of this exchange shows it all, from the electrician standing patiently before Machado's ride shows up to Manny smiling back ("Super Bowl champs, huh?" he responds) and agreeing to take a picture with the worker.

The electrician has since been identified by Matt Gelb of The Athletic as 57-year-old Tom Cudeyro.

Klentak did not seem bothered by the fact he wasn't the first to welcome Machado to Philly, eventually appearing from what appeared to be a locked door to the team's administrative offices with the smile of a child. Then again, he probably had no idea that Electrician Tom had beaten him to the punch.

Whether Machado signs in Philadelphia, takes the New York Yankees up on their likely generous offer or goes elsewhere, the City of Brotherly Love will always have this moment. There are absolutely tons of questions to ask in the wake of it -- Why did the Phillies make Manny enter from the street? Why did Manny's party allow a stranger to approach him, unguarded, on said street? Will Mr. Cudeyro receive a commission for any potential Machado deal?

In any event, and to no surprise, Philly Twitter is having a fun time with this one:

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