There are lots of logistical issues Major League Baseball needs to sort out once it gets ready to ramp things back up and play some baseball. Among those if the league starts play under its Arizona proposal would be separating players from their families. 

Under the proposal that the league would play all its games at spring training facilities (and presumably Chase Field) in Arizona -- it's all centralized around the Phoenix area -- the players would be required to stay at hotels. At hotels, the environment is controlled, whereas if they were able to get their own apartment or house with family, it's not controlled. 

As such, the players would be separated from their families for the entirety of the season. Surely for some, it's a non-starter. 

Mets first baseman Pete Alonso recently discussed this aspect with Ken Rosenthal of The Athletic on the Arizona plan in general, but hit on the family aspect: 

I like it. I think that for teams to be all in one central area, I really like it. The only thing I have an issue with is guys only being able to stay at the hotel and not being able to see family. That would be very, very difficult. You're ripping guys away from their wives and kids and significant others. I think that would be very, very difficult to do if everyone had to stay in a hotel. If guys were allowed to stay in their own apartment or house, that would be amazing.

It's easy to act like the players are robots for our entertainment and feel like just because they are rich they don't have feelings, but this is a very real consideration. Would the players really be on board with not seeing their families for something like four months?