MLB Trade Deadline Rumors: Surprising Twins are seeking long-term rotation help

The Minnesota Twins entered the All-Star Break 45-43 and just 2 1/2 games back of the Cleveland Indians in the American League Central. It's fair to write that the Twins have arrived to a competitive state a year or two earlier than anticipated.

The Twins' front office seems intent on making the most of their early landing, too. That's because the Twins are looking for controllable (read: long-term) starting pitching help, according to Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports:

Obviously there's no telling if the Twins are seriously pursuing someone like Sonny Gray or Jose Quintana -- or even Dan Straily. But you have to appreciate Minnesota's willingness to consider a potential deal that can benefit them now (the Twins have the fourth-worst rotation ERA in baseball) and later. If the Twins were to add another above-average pitcher to their collection, that would give them a nice little trio comprising of Ervin Santana, Jose Berrios, and the addition.

The odds are against the Twins making such a move for the same reason the odds are against the Twins making the postseason -- other teams are simply better positioned. Minnesota's new front office isn't going to sell the farm -- not yet, and probably not ever -- and so, realistically, the available pitchers are more likely to land elsewhere.

All the same, the Twins are entering the deadline with a buyer's mindset, and that's not something we expected a few months back. That's cool. 

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