Other sports have celebrations, sure, but one thing that sets Major League Baseball apart from the other professional sports is how often and how over the top celebrations related to the postseason are. Whether it's simply clinching a playoff spot, advancing a round or winning the whole damn thing, MLB teams celebrate in the clubhouse with gallons and gallons of beer and champagne. 

Whether it's consumption, spraying all over the room or pouring liquid all over the heads of each other, the alcohol flows freely. At least it used to. 

In keeping with the COVID-related protocols and with 2020 being the exhausting year that it is, Major League Baseball is going to ban alcohol from clubhouse celebrations, reports Joel Sherman of the New York Post. From the report: 

MLB recognizes it can remove one vital element from any stadium celebration -- alcohol. The teams supply it in celebratory moments and MLB is going to forbid its presence. MLB also can, to a large extent through the teams, control the clubhouse. To that end, the league is going to ask players to celebrate on the field and to mask up as soon as it's possible to do so. Commemorative shirts and caps are likely to be distributed in a way to limit contact with as many people as possible.  

Especially before the World Series is over, this makes a lot of sense. In moving forward with the season, Major League Baseball is doing everything it can to avoid shutting the season down. A prolonged celebration inside a clubhouse with massive alcohol consumption seems like it could be something that could spread a virus throughout an entire team. If that happens with an active playoff team, all of a sudden MLB has a serious problem with trying to finish the season. 

Hopefully we'll still see some celebrating on the field with masks, but the excessive clubhouse boozing is at least temporarily sidelined.