MLB: Los Angeles Dodgers at Cincinnati Reds

In 1989, Pete Rose was banned from Major League Baseball after it came out that he bet on games he was playing in and managed as a member of the Cincinnati Reds. It's been 31 years since he was effectively blacklisted from baseball, but Rose 

Sportscaster Jim Gray hosted a Fox News special focusing on his interactions with sports legends that aired on Sunday. Rose was featured in the episode and admitted to Gray that he still occasionally bets on baseball.

"Yeah. I haven't this year yet, but I have," Rose said of placing wagers on MLB games. "When I was betting on baseball when I got suspended, I was betting illegally on baseball. I make no more illegal bets in my life. That's why they have casinos."

As Rose pointed out, sports betting in America has changed a lot since he was caught illegally participating in it. Now, people can walk into a legal sportsbook at a casino or place a wager via an app on their cell phone in multiple states.

Due to Rose's actions back in the 1980s, he's knows it is likely he's never going to be inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame while he is alive.

"I screwed up," Rose said. "I should have never did that. That's the only mistake I've ever made in my life. To be honest with you. And that's the biggest mistake. I would love to go to the Hall of Fame. Any player would. But as long as this heart is beating, I'm not going to go to the Hall of Fame." 

Rose remains on the MLB's permanently ineligible list and has attempted to be reinstated on several occasions. The claims have all been rejected by the league.