Royals lefty Tim Collins is listed at 5-foot-7, 165 and fellow left-hander Everett Teaford is listed at 6-feet and 165 pounds, while new reliever Jonathan Broxton is listed (listed, mind you, is usually an optimistic number) at 6-4, 300 pounds. Put all those facts together, add a pair of pants, a smartphone and a Twitter account, and you get hilarity.


Teaford, left, tweeted the photo, while Collins is on the right. Collins looks like a batboy -- a batboy who can throw 95 mph.

This seems to be baseball's spring training meme of sorts, earlier this spring, the Mets' Daniel Ray Herrera (listed generously at 5-6) fit himself into one side of 6-11 teammate Jon Rauch's pants (Rauch wasn't in the other side, at the time). Someone in Lakeland, Fla., has to be wondering if they can use Prince Fielder's jersey as a pup tent.

Hat-tip: Not Graphs.