Indians manager Terry Francona won't be in the dugout for his team's Tuesday game against the Padres. That's because Francona will be undergoing follow-up tests at the Cleveland Clinic to determine the nature of some recent health issues. He'll be replaced on Tuesday by bench coach Brad Mills

The Indians on Tuesday released the following statement: 

Yes, note that Francona is quick to point out that an allergy to Mr. Mills is still within the range of possibilities. Tito's sense of humor? Intact and functioning at a high level. 

Francona's had past health issues dating back to before his Red Sox days, including periodic chest pain and pulmonary embolisms in 2002. Most recently, he was forced to leave the Indians' game on June 26 ... 

Here's hoping that, as indicated in the team's statement, this is nothing serious and that Francona's back in the dugout where he belongs very soon.