The Cubs and Indians will commence the 2016 World Series on Tuesday at Progressive Field in Cleveland. Given that this is the World Series of dueling curses and droughts -- the Cubs haven't won it all since 1908, the Indians since 1948 -- demand for tickets is quite high, especially given the broad popularity of the National League champs.

It follow, then, that ticket prices on the secondary market are zooming right about now. For some very expensive specifics, let's turn to the following data that comes to us via Feast thine eyes and gird thine coin purses (sorted by median sale price) ...

Game Venue Date Med. Price Sold Max Sale Med. Price Listed
Gm. 4: Indians-Cubs Wrigley Field 10/29 $3,750 $16,000 $5,936
Gm. 5: Indians-Cubs* Wrigley Field 10/30 $3,650 $17,950 $6,330
Gm. 3: Indians-Cubs Wrigley Field 10/28 $3,150 $15,888 $4,500
Gm. 7: Cubs-Indians* Progressive Field 11/2 $1,550 $19,999 $3,593
Gm. 6: Cubs-Indians* Progressive Field 11/1 $1,400 $8,195 $2,800
Gm. 1: Cubs-Indians Progressive Field 10/25 $1,100 $7,500 $1,750
Gm. 2: Cubs-Indians Progressive Field 10/26 $1,100 $7,500 $1,725

*if necessary

And the people say: Woof. As you would expect, it's cheaper to get into the games in Cleveland than it is to penetrate the high-demand walls of Wrigley. Both Progressive Field and Wrigley are relatively small-capacity venues, as major-league ballparks go, so that limited supply is also helping drive demand. Observe: 20 large for a presumably very good seat at Game 7!

Before you let these prices scare you away, remember that no one in the history of history has ever suffered any ill effects from spending thousands of dollars on sports.