When the Washington Nationals and Houston Astros faced off in Game 5 of the World Series at Nationals Park earlier in the week with the series tied at 2-2, Yordan Alvarez put his team on the board first.

As the ball soared into the stands to give the Astros a 2-0 lead in the top of the second inning, one fan was prepared to make a play on the homer, he just used an unconventional method. 

Rather than use his hands to make the catch, this Nationals fan, with a beer in each hand -- and a great first row seat -- used his body to knock the ball down. Apparently, for this fan, catching the ball is not as important as making sure the beers don't spill. 

In his defense, stadium beers can get pretty expensive, and with World Series tickets costing a pretty penny as well, you can't be wasting money at the game. 

His face says it all. 

He may have been double fisting beers, but he still managed to go home with quite the nice souvenir. Unlike the Bud Lights, this token was free. And now he's internet famous, so that counts for something too. 

The ball came off Alvarez' bat at 107 mph, so it still had a kick to it when it hit the fan right in the stomach, that's going to leave a mark. 

Bud Light noticed this fan's valiant efforts and called to the internet to find him, giving him the title of "hero."

You know what they say, the devil works hard but the internet works harder, so of course they were able to identify the man who prioritizes beer over his body. 

According to Apex Marketing, the media value of the actions of the "beer over baseball" fan was $7.2 million for Bud Light. 

As a thank you to the man now identified as Jeff Adams, Bud Light is sending him to Game 6 in Houston and even made him his very own shirt that re-enacts the now viral moment. 

Of course, the shirt also has media value for the beer company.

We can pretty much guarantee he will have Bud Lights in hand for this game as well, but catching another home run ball seems a little less likely.