For a lot of us normal folk, staying healthy and in shape during quarantine has been a challenge. Gyms are closed and it's hard to find motivation to take a break from binge watching and binge snacking in order to squeeze in a workout. Meanwhile, professional sports might be on hiatus for the time being but there's still pressure on athletes to stay in shape during the time off. 

We don't know when things will pick up again but the pros have a responsibility to take care of themselves so that they're ready to go whenever they're called back to action. 

One guy who doesn't seem to be having an issue with finding motivation to workout is Yankees pitcher Aroldis Chapman. Judging by a picture shared by Chapman this week, the Cuban lefty has been hitting the weights...hard.

My man is out here looking BEEFY. That looks more like a dude that is going to hit 50 dingers this year than a dude who is going to toe the rubber. He looks more like a guy who is going to close WWE events rather than a dude who is going to close baseball games.

In fact, some might be wondering if he's in TOO good of shape. I mean, don't they say pitchers shouldn't lift? "They" might be changing their tune when Chapman is blowing 130 MPH heaters past batters this summer/fall/winter/whenever baseball resumes. 

Chapman? More like Jacked-Man.