Yankees outfielder Giancarlo Stanton originally landed on the injured list after just three games with a biceps strain. His stay on the IL was extended because of a subsequent shoulder strain. The good news is that Stanton began a minor-league rehab assignment with High-A Tampa earlier this week. Here's the bad news: 

That means his rehab assignment is over for now, and he remains on the IL. Once he's ready to undertake a rehab assignment again, he'll be able to undertake a full one without the most recent stint counting against the allotted rehab-assignment time limit. The larger issue is how long Stanton will be sidelined. 

On that front, this appears to be at least a little encouraging: 

Calf injuries can be tricky things, and Stanton at various points hasn't exactly been a quick heal. The Yankees of course have managed to rise to first place in the AL East despite an almost unprecedented run of early season injuries. When it comes to getting by without Stanton (and Aaron Judge), they'll continue to lean heavily on Clint Frazier, who's answered the call reasonably well thus far. 

As for Stanton, the 29-year-old has averaged 43 home runs per 162 games played for his career, so the Yankees are obviously hoping to get his pop back in the lineup as soon as possible. At this point, when "as soon as possible" is is anyone's guess.