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Superstar actor Tom Hardy is a man of many talents, and it turns out combat sports is one of them. On Sept. 17, Hardy competed in the UMAC Milton Keynes Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Open in England, per a report from Deadline.

Hardy has starred in hit movies such as Inception, The Revenant, The Dark Knight Rises, Dunkirk, Mad Max: Fury Road, Venom and many more. Despite his busy filming schedule, Hardy has carved out time to pursue other passions, like combat sports.

Hardy went on to win his division as a high-level Blue Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, which is the second-highest rank out of five. One of Hardy's opponents, Andy Leatherland, spoke to The Daily Mail about his match with Hardy.

Leatherland said that Hardy was all-business, and the actor was great at taking advantage of Leatherland's mistakes.

"Lining up, he was very focused," Leatherland said. "The intensity that he brought to his movie roles, he brought that. He didn't say a word, he didn't say anything. When it came to the match, you couldn't help notice that it's him, but then it just became a competition. I made a mistake and he capitalized on that. He absolutely nailed it, and he subbed me, and it was over relatively quickly."

After the tournament, a spokesperson from the Ultimate Martial Arts Championships released a statement on Hardy's participation.

"Everyone recognized him but he was very humble and was happy to take time out for people to take photographs with him... It was a real pleasure to have him compete at our event," the spokesperson said in a statement, via Deadline.