Baylor standout and potential first-round pick Jared Butler has been referred to a Fitness to Play Panel at the 2021 NBA Draft Combine, restricting him from all on-court activities of the pre-draft process unless or until he is cleared, according to The Athletic. Butler was the Final Four MOP for the Bears as they captured their first-ever men's basketball national championship earlier this year.

A referral to the Fitness to Play Panel can happen if a team, or in this case the NBA, doesn't feel a player is physically capable of playing without carrying an elevated risk of injury or death. The panel will in this case review Butler's medical information, examine him personally and report their findings to the NBA. 

If Butler is cleared, he would be required to sign a waiver before returning to the court. If the panel finds him unable to play, then according to the CBA he could be re-referred in nine months to the panel. 

Butler played in 94 games the last three seasons at Baylor.