Adam Sandler has been all the buzz lately with his new movie "Uncut Gems" set to be released nationwide on Christmas Day. But Sandler is being talked about for a different reason this week.

On Thursday, Sandler showed up at an LA Fitness in Atlanta and played in a pickup basketball game. The actor did more than just hold his own -- he was the star of the game, without a doubt.

As you can see from this highlight package, Sandler dropped a dime that would've made LeBron James or Chris Paul jealous. In addition, he knocked down a few jump shots and converted a spectacular reverse layup on the baseline.

Perhaps his "Uncut Gems" co-star Kevin Garnett may have taught him some new tricks. 

Sandler further proved that basketball is in his blood ahead of an appearance on ESPN's "The Jump" earlier this week. Look at that stroke!

Despite all of this recent attention, this isn't the first time that Sandler has proved he knows his way around the basketball court.

In June 2019, Sandler was set to perform a comedy show in Atlantic City, but needed to pass the time during the day. According to, Sandler surprised a group of kids at a pickup basketball game and played with them even though they didn't believe that it was the actor.

"You guys hoop, we're gonna hoop. Everything is good," Sandler said in a video that was posted to Twitter.

Sandler clearly loves the game of basketball. He's willing to show up at pickup games and star in films with former NBA players.