NBA: Chicago Bulls at Brooklyn Nets
Wendell Cruz / USA TODAY Sports

The Brooklyn Nets' "City" edition uniforms have them in a bit of trouble. The jerseys, which were inspired by clothing company Coogi and pay tribute to the Notorious B.I.G., are the focal point of a lawsuit by Coogi against the Nets for using their brand and incorporating it into the jerseys without permission.

Per The New York Post, the lawsuit was filed on Wednesday. The Nets claimed that the pattern was called "Brooklyn Camo" in order to obfuscate the connection to the brand.

"[The defendants] were well aware that Biggie neither wore nor rapped about anything called 'Brooklyn Camo," the lawsuit said, according to The Post. "But they created, marketed and sold and distributed 'Brooklyn Camo' products so as to confuse consumers about the connection between their goods… and Coogi."

The Nets have worn the jerseys -- designed by Nike --  several times this season, first donning them Nov. 17 last year. Coogi is also alleging that Nike and the Nets copied designs that Coogi has copyright claim to.

Coogi is ultimately suing for damages, and they're trying to get stores to cease on selling the jerseys.